What to expect… Before you go to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat!

beautifultemplesangkorwatoverview-312012-131029_horiz-largeOne of the most beloved and well-preserved Temples in Cambodia, the Angkor Wat was deemed to be a part of the World Heritage List by UNESCO – the only site from the Kingdom of Cambodia. The temple itself, with its history deeply rooted and etched within the long galleries epitomizes the architecturalsophistication of the Khmer Empire.

The temple is originally a tribute to the Hindu God Lord Vishnu (The Creator),and the whole site is built as a miniature replica of the universe, with towers, moats, concentric walls, bas-relief carvings, and the sheer enormity of the area has a sensuous allure thatcan captivate you, morning or evening. Apart from the main temple, you can also visit any one of the nearby river villages, The Pa Phrom Temple with its huge tree roots growing wildly everywhere; brace yourself for breath-taking sunset views from the Phnom Bakheng temple, or simply bike-hike it around the Temple exploring the heritage site at your own comfort!

Tourist EssentialsDSC_8348

Firstly, the Visa – The Cambodian Government has made the Visa processing fairly simple for tourists. You need to fill the Cambodia Visa Application Form either at the airport or the border, with a passport size photograph and of course about 20 dollars of cash. This “Visa on arrival” is valid 30 days. You can also apply online.

Next, ensure you are well equipped – with toiletries, personal medical supplies, comfortable clothing and weather gear, snacks, photography gear, and all that you need to ensure to have a comfortable trip.

Finally, book your trip between November-March for a good tourist-weather and book guide before you plan to explore on your own. Also make sure that you carry a lot of small denomination of the currency. You are going to be bargaining a lot!DSC_8448

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