• Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteer Opportunities are everywhere but they cane be overwhelming. I will be travling to South East Asia this summer and here are a few of the ones...

  • Goodwill Travel

    When it comes to traveling I truly believe that everyone can find one place on their trip to do good, give back or just take the time...

  • Christmas in Ecuador and the Galapagos

    For many tourists, Ecuador travel means only one thing: the Galapagos Islands. They say the island are being overrun with people. I being one of them. But...

  • Willie Smits Red Ape Man

    Willie Smits: The Red Ape Man

    Introducing Willie Smits, the man who has dedicated his whole life to fighting deforestation and saving orangutans.

I truly enjoy reading Conde Nast Traveler. I share these stories to help us all be a better guest in a foreign county.  First Do No Harm...Every country has its subtle taboos and unspoken codes, but when you get down to it, it's what you say, not how you say it, that really gets you in the door (or kicked out). Our guide to the most dangerous topics around the world rates them according to our own alert system, from highest to lowest risk, followed by a few safe subjects that might put you back on solid ground. THE MIDDLE EAST In a part of the world where nearly every facet of life has become wrapped up in politics and religion, keeping things personal and avoiding the global is more than ...Continue Reading >
I have traveled the world and wish that I had read this before I left. So you just had a five-star meal in Qatar. Or went scuba diving in beautiful Bohol in the Philippines. Well, lucky you! But how do you express your appreciation for the service you received? Are you in a country where tipping is customary and required? Appreciated but not expected? Or virtually unheard-of? The truth is, tipping rules vary by country, by region, and by scenario. A modest rounding up of the check may be fine in some places and insufficient in others. A few small bills left on a night table might be gladly picked up by housecleaning staff in one hotel and scrupulously shunned elsewhere. Such uncertainties ...Continue Reading >
  By Michael Ventre msnbc.com contributor High-backed comfortable chairs, surround sound, cup holders built into the armrests, extra leg room, “black box” screen aspect ratio ... these are just some of the amenities offered in the modern state-of-the-art motion picture palaces. Airlines, of course, offer none of that. In fact, as human experiences go, watching a movie on an airplane is generally considered to be as entertaining as reading the SkyMall catalog for the third time. It’s just there, like the “Occupied” signs on the lavatories and the occasional updates from the pilot over the P.A. system. But is it really that bad? Does flick-watching on a plane get a bum rap? If you’re ...Continue Reading >
Here I go again off on another adventure with my teenagers. This time we were on our way to explore Yosemite and to go white water rafting. We cheated and took a plane from Orange County to Fresno and rented a car to save six hours of a boring drive. Before we arrived in Yosemite we went on a two-day white water rafting trip on the Tuolumne River a class 3-5 when it comes to getting wet. We stayed the night at the Groveland Hotel. The hotel was a traditional bed and breakfast complete with a teddy bears to snuggle with.  The next day we went to the meeting spot to join Zephyr White Water Rafting Company for two days on the Tuolumne river. I arranged to have our own boat and we loved it. ...Continue Reading >
The reason I wanted to share this with my readers is because I have been here and I love this place. I hope you enjoy reading about this wonderful Paris street market. The Paris market street of rue Cler, in the 7th arrondissement, is a foodie's dream. By STORY AND PHOTOS By Nancy Leson Seattle Times food writer I still remember my first sight of rue Cler — the Paris market street canonized by European travel guru Rick Steves, idolized by tourists and beloved by lucky denizens of the 7th arrondissement who call its well-trod cobblestones their own. One look and I cried real tears. Why? Because it was my first trip to France, spring was in the air and my husband-to-be and I had ...Continue Reading >
Introducing Willie Smits, the man who has dedicated his whole life to fighting deforestation and saving orangutans. ...Continue Reading >
Joshua Hammer shares how Tanzania's Masai are losing their land and way of life to tourism and wildlife conservation. ...Continue Reading >
Chinese New Year is celebrated by millions around the world. Check out some cool stats about this global celebration! ...Continue Reading >
For Masai tribesman Jackson Njapit, taking tourists up in hot-air balloons seemed magical — and lucrative. He came to America to get his pilot's license, and after some bumps saw his dream get off the ground. ...Continue Reading >
My not-so-secret addiction to traveling... ...Continue Reading >