• Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteer Opportunities are everywhere but they cane be overwhelming. I will be travling to South East Asia this summer and here are a few of the ones...

  • Goodwill Travel

    When it comes to traveling I truly believe that everyone can find one place on their trip to do good, give back or just take the time...

  • Christmas in Ecuador and the Galapagos

    For many tourists, Ecuador travel means only one thing: the Galapagos Islands. They say the island are being overrun with people. I being one of them. But...

  • Willie Smits Red Ape Man

    Willie Smits: The Red Ape Man

    Introducing Willie Smits, the man who has dedicated his whole life to fighting deforestation and saving orangutans.

When it comes to traveling I truly believe that everyone can find one place on their trip to do good, give back or just take the time to help. Since my kids could sit up I have traveled with them and we always spend a day doing something for someone else. Now that they are teenagers they can remember the day they brought books all the way to Chiang Mai Thailand. We took with us enough books for the children of the Karen Tribe. They are the long necks located in the hills of Northern Thailand. They were amazing children in the village. They really enjoyed the books. ...Continue Reading >
In today's very competitive sales environment, incentives are prefect for driving sales, motivating salespeople, and thanking top achievers. ...Continue Reading >
For many tourists, Ecuador travel means only one thing: the Galapagos Islands. They say the island are being overrun with people. I being one of them. But the time that I was on the islands I did not see many people because all the rules that you must be with a certified guide has truly made the Galapagos an experience that should be on every ones list of places to see. I will talk more about the Galapagos later. The rest of the country really deserves more than a quick stopover on the way in or out and I wanted to see why this county has a two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The cultural heritage of Quito was so important that it was the first city in the world to be declared World Heritage Cultural ...Continue Reading >
For me, one of the most exciting things about travelling is the different foods you can enjoy, and, more specifically, the different breakfasts that you can experience. International hotels will almost always offer a standard meal of toast and cereals, but, if you’re lucky, this will often be served alongside more traditional fare. Here are a few breakfasts from around the world: Wales- Laverbread and cockles Laverbread is a type of edible seaweed that can be found on the rocks of the ever nearby coastline in Wales. Cockles are a kind of mollusk and are most often served fried. Spain- Churros con Chocolate Churros are a kind of long, thick doughnut that are often served with hot ...Continue Reading >
The exchange of gifts is a key part of many cultures, but what you give is as important as how and when you give it. (So much for it being the thought that counts.) Here, a detailed guide to choosing the perfect present to bring to friends and colleagues overseas. Plus: How best to receive—and refuse—a gift. I found this guide while reading Condé Nast Traveler Articles : November 2010. Enjoy The giving of gifts is a language of symbols, and there are those who speak it like poetry. They see balance in pairs, endings in clocks, doom in the most innocent of flowers. Then there are the rest of us. We are the ones who had to ask ourselves why President Obama's gift to Prime Minister ...Continue Reading >
I love Disneyland and have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit all of the Disneyland's. Tokyo was are favorite because of how clean the park was and how in order the park was. When the Japanese waited for a parade they sat on small mats and all in a line. It was fun to hear the Japanese language at Disneyland. Enjoy the photos of Michael and Annie at Tokyo Disneyland. URAYASU, Japan — Snow White and Donald Duck cavorted before hundreds of fans Friday as Tokyo Disneyland reopened after five weeks, marking a tentative step back toward ordinary life for a Japan still reeling from natural calamities and a nuclear crisis. The popular resort shut its doors after the massive ...Continue Reading >
  Rule 1: Leave the Fanny Pack What makes an Ugly American ugly? Is it the timbre of our voices? Or the way we travel in herds? Or is it (as we suspect) our love of sweatpants, baseball caps, and yes, fanny packs, no matter the occasion or place? While it can sometimes seem that the world has fallen victim to a sort of sartorial globalization, where jeans are welcome anytime, anywhere, the truth is-of course-more nuanced. What works in surprisingly laid-back Singapore will be greeted with looks of horror on the streets (or in the boardrooms) of Paris. And ladies, while you can (and should) pile on the gold and jewels in Greece, quirky and stripped-down is the way to go in Germany. So here ...Continue Reading >
 I love wonderful stories of places I want to go. When I found this story I wanted to share it with my readers. Enjoy! The Andaman Islands, closed to foreigners until 1995, are the ultimate tropical mystery in that cabinet of wonders called India. Tony Perrottet loses himself in a place of unearthly perfection, where crabs climb trees, elephants swim, and man has barely left his mark "Just don't swim in front of him," whispered Sanjit Biswas, a worker at the jungle lodge where I was staying in the Andaman Islands. "That can spook him." My guide from Bangalore nodded in solemn agreement. "Rajan's a little bit fussy. Sometimes he just won't go in, and nobody can really force him." Okay, I thought, ...Continue Reading >
In my years of being a travel junkie I have never flown coach. I have planned ahead and got the award seat I wanted. This year I did not plan ahead and when I was having trouble redeeming my award miles. I came across this article. When it comes to cashing in miles, knowing the secrets of how, when and where to search can mean the difference between a decent award and an amazing one. When it comes to playing the game of miles, knowing how to redeem them and when to search for awards is as important as staying on top of all the promotions that will help you rack up the miles. If you're lucky, a quick search using the airline's online booking tool will bring up the award flight you're looking ...Continue Reading >
I love to travel, I love to shop, I love to buy things from places that took me a long time to get to. I buy to remember where I have been. Enjoy this story taken from my favorite magazine, Conde Nast Traveler Sometimes there's nothing as transporting as the perfect piece of clothing from a far-off land. Joan Juliet Buck explores the magic and meaning of the treasures in her wardrobe In Ireland back when newscasters opened the evening news by announcing, "The time is approximately eight o'clock," my godfather's wife Ricki would bundle the guests into two Opel station wagons and lead the way up into Connemara, to Millars's shop in Clifden, so that the Mexican musician and the French movie ...Continue Reading >