Disneyland’s around the World

I was looking for someone else that experienced what we did. The park is beautiful but they have to get more trash cans and many more people to stop the children from peeing everywhere. I am not bashing Shanghai. The Tron lightcycle ride was amazing. Pirates of the Caribbean was like being in the movie. The soaring over the world was beautiful. But the people that were at Shanghai Disneyland the day were there were pushy, trashing the park and when you hear a loud announcement asking that you do not allow your child to defecate in line. You know something has to stop.
Shanghai Disneyland July 7th and 8th 2016. I was here and what a place this is. A big wow a oh my gosh big. The Tron ride truly is over the top. the first ever Tron-themed roller coaster called Tron Lightcycle Power Run. I had to ride it several times to get the full awesome magnitude of the ride.


We loved Tron.
Disneyland, popularly known as the happiest place on earth and as far as I am concerned, in the world really strives to keep all its visitors happy by tweaking its theme parks to cater to local tastes and cultures. Apart from the original two resorts in the United States, Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California, the Disneyland’s in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris and now Shanghai offer subtle variations in layout, rides and food to make millions of its visitors feel at home every year.Tokyo-Disney-Resort-0002-640x427

Tokyo Disneyland

Bigger than the original Disneyland in California, Tokyo Disneyland was opened in 1983 and is the third most visited theme park after the two Disney parks in the US. Just like with Walt Disney World in Florida, you will find Cinderella’s Castle located in the center of the park. As per rumors, Cinderella’s Castle was chosen due to the hardworking qualities along with strong work ethic of the princes, which deeply resonates with the Japanese culture, instead of the Sleeping Beauty Castle featured in Disneyland California. We loved this park. It was clean and pristine like all other parks but this one was different. We enjoyed Tokyo Disneyland. The most interesting food we found at the parks was the popcorn. No matter what part of the park you went to, there was a popcorn stand in sight.  But it isn’t just plain old buttered popcorn; they had different flavors. The park map even has a guide describing where each kind of popcorn can be found. Each cart you could get a 13053001_650different souvenir popcorn bucket. We purchased Buzz light Year and Winnie the Pooh. This was the best souvenir. We liked how big the park was and lines were not long when we visited in the summer. We noticed that when the Japanese waited for the parade they would unfold mats to sit on. Food was always served in order and placed on the plates in a specific way. Of the two parks. Disney Sea and Disneyland we really liked Disney Sea. The underground sea grotto was beautiful.IMG_0151

Hong Kong Disneyland

The comparatively smaller Disneyland in Hong Kong that was opened in 2005 has incorporated traditional Chinese elements and feng shui into its design to draw the attention of visitors from mainland China. The proof of which you can see in the way the main gate has been positioned from North to South to favor good fortune. Also there is a sharp bend in the walk way as you approach the center, which was added intentionally to stop good qi or good energy flowing into the South China Sea. We were here just after it opened and we were surprised how small it was.disneysea_update_151 Though Hong Kong’s home to Mickey Mouse is tame compared with other Magic Kingdoms, it’s fast bringing Mai Kei Lo Su—as the world’s most famous mouse is known locally—to a mainland audience. Younger kids will find plenty of amusement, but their older siblings and parents will have to settle for just one thrill ride, Space Mountain. We were disappointed in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is a spectacular sight created with an acute attention to detail. Disneyland Paris was opened in 1992. It greets its visitors with a fabulous arcade featuring a smaller version of the Statue of Liberty, which was originally a gift from France to America in the year 1886. The statue is certainly a great introduction to the only American theme park in Europe. The covered arcade replaces the open areas of its counterpart in California, offering essential cover from the rain and cold that’s typically found in Paris. We noticed how many real flower baskets there were on main street. It is a very pretty park





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