Chiang Mai, Thailand Baan Orapin Bed and Breakfast

FrontwingThailand is one of the most amazing places to visit. Everything from the people to the land and everything in between makes it the most memorable place I have ever been to. We decided to visit the enchanting province of Chiang Mai and it was an experience unlike any other. While staying in Thailand we wanted to stay somewhere comfortable and safe so we decided to rest our head at the boutique Baan Orapin Boutique Bed and Breakfast. Our stay was amazing in every way. The staff is very accommodating and knowledgeable about pretty much everything.

Baan Orapin Boutique Bed and Breakfast is a gorgeous mansion made from teak wood built in 1914. It is well maintained, which you can understand by looking at it how cherished the structure is. The rooms are the perfect size and decorated beautifully. All of the furniture is perfect in every way; it really made the room feel like something fit for royalty. Everything looked and smelled clean and fresh! The landscaping was something I could only dream of, and the sites from the rooms were stunning. The pool outside was remarkable and clear that I could have stayed in forever.Sala_Longkow

While I could have spent every second of my stay in Baan Orapin, the mansion was only five minutes away from all the tourist attractions like restaurants, shops, galleries, and the magnificent Ping River. Everything beyond that is also within walking distance making this a greatest location to stay. Above all our stay was terrific and the charge was among some of the most reasonable rates in all of Thailand. I would recommend staying at the Baan Orapin Boutique Bed and Breakfast to anyone visiting Thailand. Our stay was nothing more than perfect and I can bet anyone else who stays here will have the same experience.

BO_up1The reason why we stayed her is the last time we were in Chiang Mai we stayed at the amazing Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai. We loved this resort so much and it was huge we did not leave the property. The grounds were over the top wonderful. So when we returned to out favorite city we wanted to find a place in the city where we could walk to restaurants and the night market. This place will forever be in our heart. Pepsi was the manager at the time and my daughter and I often think of the delightful man that took care of us why we were at the Baan Orphin. Stay here you will be happy you did.

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