Cappadocia, Turkey Ramadan Routine Begins with Drum Beat

Festivals have a strange way of transforming a city. They bring along a distinctive fervour and enthusiasm in every individual and fill up the entire place with mysterious energy and positive vibrations. The same kindred energy and vibrations that can be experienced during Ramadan in the city of Cappadocia, Turkey. The entire atmosphere is nothing short of electric.

Overall, Cappadocia exhibits a different charm during the festival of Ramadan. Although, it is a festival wherein Muslims are forbidden to eat, drink or indulge in any kind of smoking; nonetheless, the natives know how to celebrate and make the most of the festival. Our hotel was on the top edge of the valley and we could hear the call to pray. It was surreal.

In a tradition dating back to the days before alarm clocks, drummers awaken the faithful in many Istanbul neighborhoods during the holy month of Ramadan so that residents have time to eat a large meal before the day-long fast. We heard these drums and it was magical.