Belize Island Adventure

Don’t want to be home for the holidays? This was the perfect trip. This was one time of the year when no one was looking for me. Enjoy the un-tourist guide to the islands of Belize

This was our first trip to Belize and we are so very glad that we chose Ramon’s! Best place to stay. We got out of  Belize City on the mainland and had our hearts set on Island Life . We took the ferry from San Pedro and out to Ambergris Caye  The staff, especially Jack, made our trip even more memorable! No TV and Wi-Fi was not the greatest in the room but decent in restaurant and beach area We booked two excursions through the dive shop and both were great! Highly recommend Hoi Chan and Shark Alley snorkeling. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

10497905_730880326958931_5624030662989351771_oThe Caribbean is home to a number of wonderful resorts, home to fun and interesting resorts that provide incredible holidays for the whole family. Among the best resort is Belize’s Ramon’s Village Resort. Even after suffering some damage; the resort which is located on Ambergris Cayes, still stands tall and majestic as ever. If I must say so myself, a little bit better. The damage came from a fire that initially started in the Southern part of the Resort. But, thankfully it was eventually controlled, and the fire was put out was fast as it started. But it did damaged the resort. With the help of more than 240 craftsmen and the resort staff, within 101 days the resort was back in business. During this period the resort staff was never laid off and they picked up a hammer to help rebuild Ramon’s. They all worked hard to meet reservation commitments and luckily enough they managed to pull it off successfully.

New Years at Ramon's

New Years at Ramon’s


The best lobster was everywhere and it was cheap

Ramon Village Resort is a special resort in Belize. The resort stands in front of the ocean and is covered with lush vegetation.  Tahitian elements, top notch food delicacies, excellent service and of course, wonderful people is what Ramon’s is all about. I went on an adventure one day to see the other resorts. I was so happy that we stayed at this very nice hotel. What was noticed was  Ramon’s beach was cleaned several times a day of the sea grass. The others did not have the beautiful beach and especially  the long dock with first class dive and snorkeling boats ready to take you out for a day of water fun. Belize has hundreds of dive sites that are spectacular. We had so much fun jumping off the end of the dock. Ramon’s  provides spacious accommodations, many amenities, and several entertainment options that have managed to make the resort a top

So much fun on the beach

So much fun on the beach

destination for most Belize travelers. Of course you can expect a tropical theme, with 61 thatched roof cabanas, including beachfront cabanas, seaside cabanas and jungle view cabanas. The cabanas (cabins) are nestled in coconut trees plus flaming flamboyant trees including hibiscus, tropical flora and other colorful bougainvillea.

This could be your room right on the beach.

This could be your room right on the beach.

We stayed in the back of the property because we were not one of the lucky ones to get our reservation in on time. But I liked are large room and it was quiet. The front desk was also very helpful in making dinner reservations or providing fresh beach towels.Ramon’s is one block away from the start of the small city of San Pedro. This was so convenient as we were able to walk to the grocery stores, banks & restaurants while we were there. (if you make a left on the main road that the hotel is on – away from the town – there’s a large grocery store and small Wine & Cheese shop w/n a 5 minute walk)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The resort can host entertainment personalities and celebrities, government dignitaries and entrepreneurs, artists and dive enthusiasts. It is private with excellent security. On other resort I thought would be a place for entertainment personalities. But we found all the other resorts boring and just not fun to be at and they did not clean the beach or have a dock to walk on.

time to go in the water

time to go in the water

They only offered kayaks and they did not clean the beach. Ramon’s was really the best.  The village resort can only accommodate few guests at a particular time, hence why the reservations fill up quickly. The best time to vacation in Ramon’s Village resort is during a dry season that is between February and April, even all the way through May could be a perfect time. Making a reservation is easy; just call or even better, reserve online. Ramon’s Village Resort is the perfect vacation destination for those who enjoy beaches, diving and high end relaxation. You know the old adage, “You have to see it to “Belize it”? Well, that pretty well summarizes Ramon’s Village Resort on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize.

“It’s Tahiti just two hours from Houston!” said one guest. “We had no idea something this unique existed except in the Pacific islands.

Oh yes and there really is a Ramon.  Here is the link to Ramon’s Belize 

Ramon Nunez

Our legendary host, Mr. Ramon Nunez, will greet you as you arrive at our reception desk. After a quick registration process, you’ll be whisked to your cabana by one of our informative chauffeurs. Ask them anything about the island and they will give you the appropriate answer.

Once inside, your cabana, get rid of those long pants and socks, slip on some shorts and a real casual top then go outside and enjoy yourself.


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