About us

As long as I can remember I have had a passport that was full of entry and exit stamps from around the world. From a very young age I knew that I had the travel bug. I have photos of myself in front of buildings in far away exotic places. The photos bring back memories that I will never forget. One prominent memory was when we had just arrived into New Delhi, India, my mother running down the street in a Channel suit and high heels telling the man who had our luggage in his ox cart where we were staying.  As a very young girl I had parents that wanted to explore the world. I think only once they did not take me and my brother and I vowed to always take my kids. I love to travel and I’m always looking for the next adventure! Most of all I want to share how I plan my trips and how I find the most wonderful people that picked us up at the airport and became our guides and then our friends. I want to share how I find the hotels I stay in. I love to travel and I do believe I am an addict!

P7260238My trips are long and I book everything myself. I am a wealth of information to my friends and clients at Award Pro Executive Travel. I am the one they come to for suggestions because they know they can trust my opinions. Companies use me to help plan travel for their executives. Since I will only recommend places that I have been to and most important been in the care of the hotel staff.

But travel is not just a luxury or a leap of leisure but an important element in my life and well-being. It’s a job and it’s also a top priority in my personal life. Traveling is an essential life experience and to live fully you really need to get out there and explore your world.IMG_4186

During the day I find myself taking a mini mental vacations and I look at the globe and wonder where will I go next and how long can I go for? Then my heart starts to beat, my forehead starts to perspire and my mind starts to Google.

 My passport is my passport through the many terminals of life. I read it like a book and the stamps that I receive from the different countries are tattoos that I will never want to have removed. I absolutely love traveling and I hope to be able to inspire your future adventures! If you have any questions, email me at travelpro@roadrunner.com

How I earn my award points (and yes they do work)

I use my credit card for everything in hopes to being closer to another business class ticket. I have a deep fear of needing an IV drip if I had to fly coach.  Since I must spend the money for necessities and of course pay it off each month, my Citi Advantage Card is my friend. I will eat at special restaurants to earn triple miles and I will buy online to acquire the extra points. To this date of January 2012. I have never paid for a First Class or Business Class ticket and I have been around the world many times.